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Frank Gorman

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Designer. Director. Creative.

Proven ability to provide creative marketing solutions.  Previous clients include cbdMD, Got Milk, Hoover, Open Prairie and Xtra Lease. 

My Work


cbdMD - Web/UI Design 

In addition to being a part of a new market, cbdMD had growing pains as a startup. My digital expertise helped push the brand forward. Working with multiple department heads I supplied delivering prototypes, wireframes, innovative landers and performed QA.

PAWcbd / Botanicals - Web/UI Design 

CBD can be a wonderful support tool for your furry loved ones. It can also provide other benefits in everyday beauty products. Reworking the brand and ensuring the new look traveled across channels gave new life and greater sales.

Bethyl -
White space advantage

The idea was simple, capitalize on a designing a 'bad ad' to better leverage what the company knew best. It worked.

Bimba - Interactive Design

An industry-leader needs cutting-edge ideas. A combination of social campaigns and 3D print helped Bimba hold the throne.

Nurture - Book Design

A lot of work goes into a book; I had to learn it all. I provided layout, art direction, typography, design and worked with the vendor to answer questions.